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Best Hollywood action movies of 1995

Hollywood is the evergreen producer of the best action movies of all time. The first-ever action movie to come into the world of cinema is considered to be The Great Train Robbery, released in 1903. From some of the highest-grossing movies to the best action scenes, Hollywood has it all covered. So if you are missing some of the old classics, here’s a list of the best Hollywood action movies of 1995!


Set on the theme of Western action drama, this movie featured an amazing cast of Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, and Quentin Tarantino. El Mariachi sets on a path of revenge with a guitar case full of guns when his lover is killed. With the help of Carolina, a beautiful bookshop owner, they travel from one city to another in the search of Bucho, a drug mafia.


The most awaited action spy film of 1995 was GoldenEye. The seventeenth of the James Bond series, this movie had Pierce Brosnan in the lead role of James Bond. When a weapons program “GoldenEye” is stolen, Bond visits Russia in order to retrieve the lost weapon only to learn a shocking revelation.

3.Die Hard with a Vengeance

The third movie in the franchise of Die Hard, this movie has some terrific action scenes. Detective John McClane is fired from his job but is called back again when a terrorist from Germany strikes and plants bombs across New York City. With the help of Zeus Carver, an electrician John must stay one step ahead to stop the terrorist from destroying the city.


The story of a rebel, Braveheart is an epic war drama movie directed by Mel Gibson. After William Wallace’s bride is killed by King Edward I of England, he sets out on a journey to defeat the King with the help of his clan. Some terrific action scenes are delivered by the Scottish rebel in the battle!

5.Bad Boys

The story revolves around two police officers, Marcus and Mike played by Martin Lawrence and Will Smith respectively. Marcus is a family man whereas Mike is a ladies’ man. One of the best action comedy movies, the movie gets a twist when both the men swipe each other’s identity while investigating a drug deal.


Lieutenant Hanna played by Al Pacino is in the hot pursuit of Neil McCauley, an intelligent criminal, played by Robert De Niro who decides to put up one last heist before he retires. One of the best crime dramas, this movie has two of the biggest actors of all time.


What happens when the hitman himself is on the hit list? A brilliant action thriller movie is produced! This is what Assassins are about. When Bain is after professional hitman Rath, he joins Electra, an intelligent hacker in order to escape him.

There is no end to Hollywood’s list of fine action movies. Blended with crime, drama, romance, and revenge, the year 1995 saw some of the biggest action movies to be ever produced! Every movie on the above list has some of your favorite actors who never fail to deliver. So if you have seen all the new age action movies, here is a blast from the past! Watch them all!

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