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5 Clear Reasons The Martian Is One Of 2015’s Best Movies

One of the best Sci-fi adventure movies to date, The Martian offers a blend of thrill and fun all together in a movie. Matt Damon’s performance as Mark Watney and Ridley Scott’s direction is what makes this movie a blockbuster.

Astronomer Mark Watney, who is assumed to be dead by his crewmates is left behind on Mars. This movie of survival showcases Mark’s wit to survive in a harsh and hostile planet with limited supplies. While members of NASA try to bring him back home, his crewmates chalk out a fearless and daring plan to rescue him.

The plot and direction are what makes this movie so appealing. But, here are the 5 reasons that make The Martian one of 2015’s best movies.

1.  One of the funniest movie

The plot of this movie might seem serious, but this doesn’t make The Martian any less humorous. The character of Mark Watney poses as some serious humor cracking astronomer but his crewmates also have their fair share. They show us to smile in the face of danger, as a way of keeping up your mind together. This movie went on to win the Golden Globe’s Best Comedy award of the year!

2. Ridley Scott’s best

When it comes to Sci-fi adventure movies or historical drama, Ridley Scott never fails to impress us. Termed to be Ridley Scott’s best work in years, The Martian is a movie where he puts together his brilliant crew members to make a movie that goes on to win two Golden Globe awards. The superb direction blended with Matt Damon’s amazing performance is what makes this movie a big success!

3.Superb cast

Be it for humor or acting, The Martian has a great cast with every actor contributing towards the success of the film. The cast is divided into three groups, showcasing different scenarios at the same time. Matt Damon’s Mark Watney stuck all alone on the hostile planet. His crewmates of Ares 3 returning to Earth and to Mars to save their mate and the team of scientists at NASA and other agencies working tirelessly to bring Mark back to earth.

4.No Villain

Sometimes we do love a movie that doesn’t have a villain. Well, clearly The Martian is one! The whole cast of the movie tries desperately to bring Mark back to the earth. With no true villains to hate, this movie shows that our ultimate survival is against nature.

5.No hard science theories

What makes a Sci-fi movie really interesting? Definitely not some hardcore science theories! A balance of theories so well maintained by the makers of The Martian, that this movie is meant for an audience of all categories and tastes. Be it, science geeks, or commoners, The Martian proves to be an entertaining Sci-fi film for all!

These reasons are strong enough for someone to go watch The Martian. It’s that Sci-fi movie with a tone of humor that everybody is going to love and has loved! So what are you waiting for?

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